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Evening is a very important part of my day. Maybe it is funny, but my evenings are always the same, no matter if it is a weekend or a weekday. It decides in which way to finish my day. And actually, I hate when something is disturbed and does not go according to the usual routine. 
Yes, usually I get home at about 4 pm, straight after 7th lesson finishes. Some of you may think "Why so early?", but I do not have any activities after school to do. Yes, I am a very lazy person. No, I am not proud of it. After being met by my mom (she does not work), I get dressed into my pajamas (you'll see it in the photos below, xx) and go to the bathroom to remove my makeup and perform one's ablutions. 
To remove my makeup I use "Garnier 'PureActive' Micellar Cleansing Water". I found it better than the original pink one. 
To clean my face and clear the remains of the makeup I use "Garnier 'PureActive'" face wash, which also helps in a fight with acne and blackheads.
To moisturize the skin befrore night I use "Clean&Clear 'dual action moisturiser'". It is made specially for greasy skin owners like me.

Time for dinner! I am not a healthy food lover, I would better eat a hamburger with potatoes and sprite than a piece of beef with salad and a glass of water. The day I was taking photos for this post I ate lunch at school, so at home I just made a cup of tea and a slice of bread with nutella. I also turn on any new 20 minute series. After that I do my homework for the next day and listen to music.
After I am prepared for the next school day, it is time for relaxation and for myself. If it is Monday, Wednesday or Thursday, I will do my gym routine. I watch blogilates (click me) "youtube" channel, I find her really inspiring and her videos helped me to reach much. I look for the programm I am interested in and then complete it together with Cassey (the name of blogilates). She has lots of fun videos as well! When I finish, I take a shower and get into my pajamas for the second time. If it is Tuesday or Friday, instead of the workout, I will go for a walk with my dog.

Finally, I am completely finished with all the stuff. I make a cup of tea (one more time), download a new series released, get into my bed and just chill under the blanket with some friends via facebook, check instagram and a favourite tv show on. 

22:00 - 00:00
The time I go sleep is always different. It depends on how many new episodes are released, if I got tired during the day or if one of my friends wants to chat longer than usual. However, I never forget to moisturise my hands and lips before falling asleep.
Soooo.. I hope you enjoyed this little post about my evening routine. Please comment down below what you think and would you like to see the morning version?

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  1. I'd love to see a morning routine! I love these kinds of posts! X