Likes // February


I decided to add to my blog a new rubric called "Likes" where I will share with you the things, products & other stuff which I liked or have been using hardly during one or another month. Let's start! 

I'M GETTING MARRIED! Look at the dress I have chosen (it's down below), is not it beautiful? A little joke xx. Actually, my sister is getting married in several months and of course, I will be attending the wedding ceremony. The whole month we have been looking for the perfect dress and have visited more than 10 salons, not just in our city. I can bordly say that the whole february I have been living and dreaming the wedding dresses, as for me it is as important as for my sister.

I have just realized I did not buy any beauty essentials and I have nothing to write about, but quickly remembered about the "intimately BECKHAM" fragrance which I have been using frequently (you can see, it's very little left). It smells enough sweet and bitter, but also very fresh. I guess it ideally fits the present period of the year.

The spring is here! And even the past two weeks were not very warm, I already started wearing my "New Balance" sneakers. I really doubted before buying them, but now I see that they are worth the price. Super comfy, foot looks small and fits most of my outifts.  

Who does not like eating? Show me this person because until I will not believe you! At first it was my mom's birthday and then my sister's birthday party. What could be the better gift than some cool and tender donuts, each with a new glaze? Nothing, right. Of course, personally in my family. I have been really enjoying these sweeties the whole month and now I am afraid to stand on the scales...

"Secret Love Song" by Little Mix ft. Jason Derulo and "Writing's on the Wall" by Sam Smith covered by Sofia Karlberg were my non-stop songs. These compositions are  the ones which you like cause of the words and a meaning inside. The "Secret Love Song" makes me think about some acts I have done in my life which I probably would like to change. "Writings on the Wall" permeates me throughly till small shivering I would say.

"If I Stay" with Chloe Moretz and Jamie Blackley. It tells a sorrowful story about a young Mia who is not similar to any other girl and an instant accident which changes her life completely. Now she has to decide.. Without doubting I recommend you seeing this masterpiece!

"Shadowhunters" based on "The Mortal Instruments" by Cassandra Clare. I did not read the book or see the movie and although there is a lot of negative opinions about these series I still like this fantasy tv show. The actors are both talented and lovely to see. There is both action and love scenes. If you like these features, you should definitely take a look. 

I chose this one because it is not similar to any other. I always try to pose, but this photo shows myself. I started making my dad laugh and he accidentally fixed a great shot. My favourite photo was taken on Valentine's day. I guess I do not have to explain where the smoke is coming from. While standing in front of the stairwell I wanted to fix one of my friends and this is what I got.

First photo, second row. This is me. The whole month I have been walking with the smile on my face. Happy every day. Trying to do much. Trying to achieve a lot. One day I have been on a small shoot with a friend. And you know what? We could not make at least one good photo cause of me. I was acting too childish, too much energy was inside of me.

From the middle of february I started preparing some posts for the next month and while looking for some inspiration to come, I saw a few meaningful words which really affected me. Perhaps it was that right moment and that right time everyone is always taking about. From that day I tried my best to follow this "advice" and some sides of my life actually got a little bit better. "Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing else to take away." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

I really hope you enjoyed this not so little post. Maybe now you know me a little better and maybe you have found some useful information for yourself. Also, please leave me a comment down by answering: What you have been loving this february? We might have something in common, do not we? 

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