Like every second teenager I have some problematic areas on my face which of course, I want to hide from prying eyes. Today I want to show you my everyday makeup routine. It is very easy, fast doing and it conceals everything I am troubled with.

 Pimples, redness, irritations, dry or greasy skin. These are the problems I deal with every morning. I had to find the foundation which would be perfect for me. "MaxFactor: FaceFinity, ALL DAY FLAWLESS. 3 in 1" foundation does his job better than I predicted. It stays all day long, covers imperfections and greasy luster does not appear (shock!). To hide my spots even better I use the concealer from "Catrice". It is the best what I have tried and the are many shades, so nobody will loose.

To be sure my makeup lasts all day I use "Maybelline 'New York': FIT me!" powder and the "Real Techniques" powder brush. This brush I am using for more than a year now and I even did not have a thought to change it. But as you can see my powder will be finished in a few months and yes, I am going to try a new one. I love to open something unheard before, so do not think I do not like this one.  

Brows, I think, is one of the most important parts of the face. Having suitable for your face shape brows can make you look much more prettier that you actually are. Do not think, I do not say, it is something what everyone should do. Personally I use professional "ARTDECO" eyebrow shadows, black colour in 503 shade and a beveled brush from "Naked3 by Urban Decay". I am very happy with this set and I am not going to change it soon.

Lashes is something what changes the look of my eyes specifically, but I don't use the mascara in my everyday life. I like to be more natural, so for me mascara is not important when you go to school or for a walk with the dog. I usually brighten my lashes just on weekends. For this job I have the mascara from "Prestige: Smoky eyes". It lengthens lashes, adds volume and lasts all day, the only minus I could find, sometimes eyelashes stick together strongly, but maybe it is my fault, I am not sure.

 Here is the result and I hope you see the difference as much as I do (especially eyebrows).  

I really expect you to leave some comments about this post as I am a little bit nervous about sharing this. I am not a beauty guru or a makeup expert, I just do what I like and what I personally think fits me better.

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