What's in my Purse? // Everyday edition


Hey, guys! This time I am coming with a new post - TAG: What's in my purse? Everyday edition. Today I will show you what I put in my bag when I go to the centre, cinema, cafe or just hang out with some friends.
Actually I know that these kinds of posts are not the most informative and useful, however I really like reading or watching them so I hope you will share the same opinion with me.
I have two daily handbags or how it is more common to call them - clutches. The black one is from online shopping centre "Aliexpress". Probably you noticed that it is a fake "Chanel" brand nevertheless the quality is incredibly great and apart the main label it is hardly to find out it is just a copy. The red one was bought in Russia from one of the biggest bag stores in the city. I immediately fell in love with this "DKNY" (Donna Karan New York) clutch and just for you to know, it is the original bag.
I guess there are several important things without which we do not go out of home. For me these goods are telephone, purse, pupillary, travel card and of course, house keys. Currently I am using iPhone 4S telephone, it has been 4 years since I got it for my 12th birthday so I hope to receive a new one for my birthday this year. Purse is where all, I think, normal people keep their money and credit or discount cards. Mine is from "Mango" store and it was bought in the beginning of 2015 year. I hope there is no necessity to explain why pupillary, travel card and house keys are needed to me: to use public transport, easily pass control and to close or open the door. Some other stuff is "Tangle Teezer" comb, "Baby lips" lip balm, mouth freshener, extra invisible bobble, playing cards and lighter. First of all you never know where you are going to be at the end of the day, so it is quite significant having a comb to brush your hair and tie a ponytail if you are tired of an unbound hair, moisturize maybe, your dry lips or freshen your breath if you ate garlic for lunch. Secondly, sometimes you can be bored of walking in the parks, sitting in cafes or going to amusement centres so it is a good idea to locate somewhere comfy and just play some card games with your friends. Thirdly, no, I do not smoke, do not think so. One day during being with some friends and planning to camp a little bit I bought an extra lighter to light up the bonfire in the evening. That is it. Lastly sunglasses and headphones. I cannot imagine my life without glasses and headphones. I hate squinting in the sun. Most doctors say that cause of squinting wrinkles appear so I actually try not to do it. Also, I am not that kind of person who can listen to the hum so I always put on my headphones and turn some favourite music on. That makes the journey easier, faster and you have some time to think on your own.

I suppose that is everything I wanted to talk with you today. I hope you enjoyed reading and maybe found some new or interesting information for yourself. As always I am waiting for your comments and suggestions for further posts. See you soon!

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